Camp Cobblestone

Program Director: Barbie King

 Monday, July 30th – Friday, August 3rd

 Monday, August 13th – Friday, August 17th

Time: Full Day 9:00AM – 3:00PM

Ages: 4 – 12

Cost: $320 (week), $75 (full day), $40 (half day)

Camp Cobblestone is back for its 20th year! Calling all campers who want to bring out their creative, fabulous rock band selves.  Each day will be focused on a different popular kid movie/video game such as Jaws, Minecraft, E.T., Star Wars, BFG, How to Train Your Dragon, Where the Wild Things Are, Mario Cart, and Plants VS. Zombies. Afternoons will include water play with water slides, slip-n-slides, sprinklers, and other such wet wild fun; or choose to walk on the “wild side” on the AC nature trail where we will build Native American and fairy houses; create Andy Goldsworthy art; hunt for treasures in the creek; and of course, dig for dinosaur bones.



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