Quilting, Weaving and Textile Art

Program Director: Mallory Gregor

Monday, July 9th – Friday, July 13th 

Time:Full Day 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Ages: 7 – 14

Cost: $350.00

Have you ever wanted to use a sewing machine? Are you interested in creating functional art that you can USE or perhaps give to someone as a gift? During our Quilting, Weaving, and Textile Art camp, you will learn weaving techniques needed to create soft rugs, scarves, and tapestries on the loom, dye brightly colored batiks, design your own fabric printed by a local professional, and sew a small quilt on a sewing machine.  We will even take a field trip to the fabric store to gather your favorite materials for your textile projects! All work will go home at the end of the week.


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